Filter Project

Biosand Filters

The Biosand filter, simply put, is a concrete box with sand. It is constructed of locally available materials (sand, gravel, cement). It does not need electricity to work, and it doesn't need to have expensive parts replaced. Maintenance is simple and can be done by the filter owner. It's so simple even the youngest members of the home can use it.

Organisms like worms and protozoa can't pass through the sand bed so there is a natural "die off" process that happens too. The biosand water filter can effectively filter out up to 99% of all microbes(bacteria, protozoa, viruses and worms), giving Haitian families an affordable solution for their water needs.

Come Visit Us

Video of Water for Haiti

Below is a video that will take you to Haiti so you can experience Clean Water for Haiti. We would encourage you to share these resources during presentations that promote the work of Clean Water for Haiti as well.


We are in need of people that can commit to working with us for a minimum of one year. Because the work we do is technical there is time needed to learning the whole process in order to be most effective, as well as learning Creole and how to work within the culture.

We are looking for an individual with a desire to not only serve the people of Haiti, but also Clean Water for Haiti as a whole.The majority of time spent in this role will be administrative and media focused, but there will be plenty of time designated to learn about and work with the filters and have a balance of being in the office and out on the grounds. We want all of our volunteers to have an intimate understanding of what we do, so there will be opportunities to go out on delivery days and be involved in the direct work of the mission.